Comfortably Numbered

I am a student who loves to write. I started this blog back in high school, writing about whatever happened to interest me at the time. Of course, those interests have shifted over time, but the theme of this blog has been quite constant: that there is treasure everywhere, in even the most mundane places, and it isn’t buried deep. It is yours, as long as you take care to look out for it.

Hardmath123 is my alias on the internet. It was chosen in a much-regretted burst of spontaneity when I was young[er] and [more] foolish, and has inextricably linked itself with me since then. For professionalism try ~kach.

PeLU: Porcelain-Emulated Linear Unit 12/4/21

A low-power deep learning inference mechanism inspired by flush toilets

Birds and the Representation of Representation 10/21/21

What is it about birds?

Carnival of Mathematics 198 10/1/21

The Carnival revisits an old home

Fortune in Flux 7/7/21

The fortune of us that are the moon’s men doth ebb and flow like the sea (Henry IV, Part I)

Mr. Bentley's Blizzard-Blossoms 2/23/21

Variations on a theme; or: synthesizing snowf*akes; or: unsupervised learning at Zoom University

Learning to Play the Chaos Game 12/25/20

I, Thomasina Coverly, have found a truly wonderful method whereby all the forms of nature must give up their numerical secrets and draw themselves through number alone…

Systems for Coordinating Coordinate Systems 12/15/20

Making 3D graphics code safer by telling vectors where home is

Clogs and Leaks: Why My Tensors Won't Flow 11/23/20

Defining a class of tricky bugs in PyTorch programs

Public Time and the Privacy of Time 11/13/20

An old Levi’s ad that ran when I lived in India went like this: “It’s the thread in your seams that’s tied to your dreams. It’s the soles in your feet that keep the beat.”

Believing 11/8/20

Reprinting old thoughts on faith, mathematical and otherwise